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Atlantis Electronics’ Scheduling Service

Improve Productivity, Reduce Costs, Increase Profitability & Maximise Quality.
Electronic component storageWe offer stock holding facilities and if you forecast what you will be buying in the next year, we can quote you on a year’s worth of stock. This will enable us to obtain you a better price for the higher quantity. We can then hold the stock here in our environmentally controlled warehouse and ship the parts out to you as and when you require them, just in time.
Benefits of using the Atlantis Scheduling Service…

  • It will boost manufacturing productivity and capacity utilisation, as the parts are readily available as and when you require them.
  • Orders can be scheduled up to 12 months in advance, so you get fixed prices which have no surprise price fluctuations!
  • Reduce order to delivery lead time by more frequent & closer-to-delivery scheduling. Work collaboratively with both us and your customer, which will ensure you get effective, smooth production processes and accurate, on time deliveries.
  • Meet customer’s rising expectations and demand by delivering outstanding customer service at minimal production cost.
  • Release capital tied up in idle inventory wasting your valuable warehousing space, by accurate planning and scheduling processes.
  • Reduce the risk of ‘line down’ or ‘stoppages’ to your production lines, which means you are most efficient and will maximise productivity.
  • By ordering in bulk you can receive a high volume discount which will assist you in keeping your production costs to a minimum.
  • Helps with accurate budgeting as you only pay for the parts you require, when you require them!
  • Eliminate the need for significant time and effort with problem obsolescence issues, as you have pre-ordered and are prepared.

5 Simple Steps To Cost Savings, Smart Planning & Smooth Production…

Step 1
If you have successfully bid for a contract, or you have been given a contract from an existing customer, forward the electronic component requirements to us with projected delivery dates.
Step 2
We’ll source your required components and get back to you with a proposal. Review the proposal and then contact us to discuss your needs or provide feedback, which we always welcome.
Step 3
Contact us to place your order for the full quantities, with an anticipated delivery schedule that can be varied to suit your needs.
Step 4
Let us focus on providing you with the right stock, at the right time, smoothing your supply chain and cash flow, allowing you to focus on your key skills.
Step 5
Relax and enjoy a stress-free production.

If that’s not enough, here’s one more reason to choose Atlantis… 1 Year Money Back Guarantee …allowing you to buy in complete confidence.

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