Hard to Find


Can’t Find The Electronic Components You Need? We Can…

With our global reach you can be confident we’ll source the hard to find electronic components you need. It’s what Atlantis Electronics specialise in.

We go the “extra mile”… we keep searching for parts long after others have given up, and if all else fails we work to find appropriate alternatives, which can be cross referenced from our extensive technical data library.

Atlantis source hard to find electronic components from around the world, not only through our offices in Canada but also through our offices and warehouses in England, Ireland, the Czech Republic, the USA, Italy, Hungary and China. Giving you one of the largest and most highly trained teams in the industry so you can rely on us to scour the globe to find the hard to find parts that you need.

You can check availability on hard to find electronic components and get access to over 10.1 million parts globally through our extensive online search database.

Atlantis Electronics are also a major stockist of shortage and obsolete components. At last count we were holding 106,536 line items of active, passive and electro-mechanical components in our environmentally and quality controlled warehouse.

Enter your part number in the search box to access our full database, or for a fast, personal service and 30 minute response to urgent inquiries phone us on +1 905 290 1563.